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111 Year Old Banff Fir Tree

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For 111 years this Fir Tree grew in Banff, Alberta, a national park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

These prints are made by hand, with my hands. Each one is one of only 100 made by thoughtfully and gently placing acid free Japanese Kozo paper onto this reclaimed and naturally fallen Fir Tree stump that had been coated with archival quality ink. I slowly and methodically used my hands to rub the top of the stump to expose the relief of the tree rings and the character hidden within.

Each of the 100 prints are unique as handmade art should be. They are all titled, signed and numbered. There may be slight variations but that is what makes them special.

The mountains I live in and the forests within are the reason I create my art. I want to showcase how simple and naturally beautiful the world can be.

All prints are 11" x 14" and placed inside a clear cellophane bag along with cardstock behind to keep it crisp in transit.

Please note matting and framing is not included in this purchase.